Below you will find a final result of the project from the coastline.
 Above is what the final development will be including the chalets and the hotel which will be a jewel within the surrounding area.


·         Project                 : Sharma project is deemed one of the projects implemented by Tabouk Investment and Tourism Company It is  the first pioneer resorts on the northern Red Sea coastexactly "Ainoona" gulf distinguished by its  singularity as a virgin maritime environment with its fascinating beaches and round the year moderate  weather. The geography of the place reflects an environmental variations represented in the mountainous chains, the sandy beaches as well as the botany maritime environment.


·         Location               : Sharma - Tabuk north of K.S.A.

·         Implemented    : Tabouk Investment and Tourism Company & Astra Construction.

Project details  :

1.       The Hotel
The Hotel is distinguished by an unique architectural character through its peculiarities that conform to the surrounding environment. It so appears as an integral part of the surrounding parameter deriving its spirit and privileges from an environment aw3ash with diversity: The Hotel consists of 50 rooms and suites  besides the public facilities that suit the residents needs. Added to this ,are the restaurants, events and conferences halls.


2.       The Diving Club
The true distinguishing point lies in the fact that the area is a virgin, uncovered before.  It is an opportunity granted by  Nature , so you'd discover a maritime world , unique in its diversity and creatures… All this pushes you to explore where the diving club meets all your requirements that enable you to integrate with diving.


3.       The Chalets
The chalets are a true model for the singularity idea as they are designed in an elegant, independent and conservative so as to form a blend of relaxation and harmony in a pro-environment and natural place that integrates with your freedom. Each chalet overlooks the sea and enjoys distinguished and unique overlook.


4.       The Women Health Club
A grant to her privacy and eager to ensure relaxation and care represented in swimming pools for women exclusively and a fully fledged health club.


5.       Common facilities
Which includes a spacious swimming pool in addition to children's playground and Club ;Moreover, a building including  men's gym and a variety of restaurants to satisfy all tastes of residents in  hotel and chalets.






 ·         Suppliers             : 51 different suppliers from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.
·         Items #                 : 1071 item.